Roux at the Landau

Bitter Chocolate Tart, Roux at the Landau

Warm bitter chocolate tart with blood orange salad and pistachio ice cream, Roux at the Landau.

Last Friday my boyfriend and I made a long overdue visit to Michel Roux Junior’s restaurant Roux at the Landau. Unashamedly I am a huge, self proclaimed, Michel Roux Jnr fan. He makes a refreshing change from some of the more irate and imperious chefs whose presence emanates across our TV screens, restaurants and cookery books. MRJ conducts himself with an air of humility and virtue, supplemented with his warm personality and great culinary skills, making him a joy to watch on anything from Masterchef to Food & Drink. It was therefore with great excitement and an elated appetite that I set off to enjoy the set menu “Du Jour” on a cold February evening.

Unusually, we found ourselves in the enviable position of longing to try every single one of the three options per course on the set menu. Often I am frustrated by the shortage of inspired choices on a set menu, generally steering you toward the cheapest lack lustre dishes from the A La Carte. Luckily Roux at the Landau did not penalise us for avoiding the pricey A La Carte option, instead, treating us to interesting and diverse choices throughout our evening. For that reason we ordered differently at every stage, allowing us to greedily explore the majority of the menu.

Menu Du Jour, Roux at the Landau

Upon arrival in the spacious and elegantly relaxed dining room, we were offered a chilled glass of champagne and a small, salty and beautifully savoury amuse bouche of crispy chorizo rolls with a perky little salad cream dressing. This pairing worked perfectly, tantalisingly tickling our taste buds in anticipation of the edible journey ahead.

Amuse Bouche, Roux at the Landau

Whilst happily devouring our delicious selection of home made breads and salted butter we chose our first courses; a “saucisson à la maison” potato salad and a seared, sesame crusted salmon with broccoli purée. Elegantly presented, our starters lived up to all expectations. The sesame salmon crust making way to a fragile and succulently pink centre, whilst the robust, intensely savoury, saucisson was carried perfectly by the creamy, waxy new potato salad.

Seared Salmon, Roux at the Landau

Saucisson A La Maison, Roux at the Landau

Main course choices of roasted pollack and saddle of lamb continued to supersede expectations. The crispy skinned pollack was perfectly balanced with a delicate brown shrimp and mussel sauce, whilst sweet saddle of lamb, beautifully blushing, was skilfully offset by a smokey tomato and olive dressing.

Roast Pollack, Roux at the Landau

Saddle of Lamb, Roux at the Landau

Desserts consisted of a vast cheese trolley and an exquisite bitter chocolate tart. A fantastically seasonal  “blood orange salad” accompanied the tart including an air dried, tart blood orange crisp, sat on a wonderfully creamy pistachio ice cream.

Bitter Chocolate Tart, Roux at the Landau

Cheese Trolley, Roux at the Landau

To round off our delightful evening of food, we were presented with a selection of petit fours; mango pastilles, creamy, coffee opera cakes and almond financiers. I can not emphasise how divine these were, a perfect end to a faultless evening of food.

Petit Fours, Roux at the Landau


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