New Year, New Venture

Here it is, my New Year’s Resolution. Writing about food; my passion and fundamental obsession with all things edible.

A food blog seemed to me to be the most sensible way to channel this fascination. In essence, a way for me to indulge an infatuation with cooking, baking and eating without continuing to irritate my friends with my hedonistic and food obsessed Instagram account.

I suspect an inaugural blog post should offer some sort of explanation as to it’s origins, aims and expectations. To that effect, I am in my mid-twenties, a Cumbrian female living in South West London and working in the City. If I’d have previously owned a working laptop, I’m sure that I would have been able to start this food blog year’s ago. However, that always proved to be a handy excuse to belie my fear of airing personal feelings, views and opinions regarding food online. This stark exposure of not only my spelling and grammar skills, but my own opinions on food and cooking, meant that I was always grateful for a reason not to put my non-existent keyboard where my mouth was..

To me, food is, and always will be, an inherent and natural way to demonstrate love and affection towards my friends and family. Cooking a meal for someone, whether taking the time to braise and simmer a pan of their favourite warming stew, or researching and recreating a dish from a wonderful memory you share, shows that you care wholeheartedly enough to produce a plate of food that will evoke pleasure and satisfaction amongst those you cherish.

I want to write about how food can, and should, be something created with thought and emotion. In this era of the “TV Chef”, it is with ever growing importance that we should remember the “home cook”. People who cook three meals a day, 365 days a year to provide nourishment and sustenance for their families. To me, there is no greater evidence of love and affection than cooking a meal which your friends and family can relish and enjoy. Relaxing over a freshly prepared meal is one of the best and most comforting ways to celebrate the end of the working day.

Whilst my main propensity is to cook for groups of friends or loved ones, that is not to say that my everyday cooking takes on dinner party proportions in either size and cost. I, like most young professionals, have to find my way in the world of economical “one person dinners”; using half a lemon for a recipe and attempting to find a use for the remaining half (sliced and frozen for use in a gin and tonic), making leftovers exciting or reinvigorating the “packed lunch”. Within this blog I will therefore try and elaborate upon my solitary mid-week kitchen endeavours, whilst reveling in my experimental feasting during the weekends.

By regularly writing about cooking, eating and entertaining I hope to formalise my reverence of food and it’s place in our lives. Food, in my mind, is a fundamental aspect of our social history. Food can bring people together in the familial sense of a celebratory meal, or encourage the integration and fusion of cultures with the sharing of ingredients, recipes and restaurants. Food can anchor and formalise traditions, whilst also embracing innovation, change and modernity.

Personally, I find that my time in the kitchen allows me to withdraw from the woes and worries of working life (a “Kitchen Sanctuary” as it were), whilst actively doing something conducive with my time. If I can share this enjoyment with you,I hope to perhaps pass on the means in which to liberate ourselves from the pressures of modern life with interesting, wholesome and delicious results.


4 thoughts on “New Year, New Venture

  1. SUE LAWSON – mother

    Wonderful – how clever you are… Very proud I’v been able to pass on my love of cooking and fond memories of the two of us cooking together. Looking forward to the next instalments.

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